Karsten Krejcarek


Our Constellations: Astral Embraces and Tactual Consciousness

Emerson Dorsch

Miami, FL

August 7 - September 11, 2021

Curated by Terri C. Smith


Psychic Launderette Exhibition

Stairwell & CO

August 21, 2021

Global Pandemic

2020 - Present

In The Garden of Forking Paths

Mother Gallery

Beacon, NY

February 9 - March 24, 2019

With Brigida Caramagna and Colin Hunt

More Press


42 Social Club

Lyme, CT

November 3 - January 15, 2018 (extended)

Curated by Kari Adelaide and Max Razdow

With Kirsten Deirup, Alesandro Keegan, and Paola Ochoa